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Frequently Asked Questions


Customer Question #1

What is the most powerful Central Vacuum, the MD M965h up to 20,000 sq ft for the Home that requires the most Powerful Suction. 

Why should I choose a Licensed Contractor instead of a local Vacuum Store that sells Central Vacuum's , The Truth is very few stores have Central Vacuum Contractor's License along with not being Bonded, & Insured.


Customer Question #2

What is the best all around Central Vacuum, The MD Flo Master Series, 3000 to 8000 sq ft. Also the MD AirMaster for the replacement of Central Vac's that mounts up high on the wall up to 8000 sq ft too.


Customer Question #3

Should I choose a Bagless vs Bagged Central Vacuum,"BAGGED"always  is the best choice eliminating breathing  contaminants when opening the tank.